Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hey, Partner! C'mon In!

How you doin'? Sorry about the title, but we promised our leetle frien' that we'd name a blog for him one of these days, and, well. . .today's the day. Since we don't actually want to have any potential or actual liability for anything that might happen herein (and, y'know, who KNOWS?), we just used his little saying. . .which is "Hey, Partner!" Nancy thinks it's cute.

You're kidding, right? Okay. . .this is totally his, ahem, "ladykiller" move. . .he walks up to you in the bar, or the restaurant cum lounge, or whatEVER, and sez "Hey, Partner!" and then he looks over at whoever he has his eye on, and gives 'em a wink, and a "how YOU doin?" nod, you know, the nod, and. . .well. That's all I gotta say about it.

Don't kid yourself, he's from Detroit. He wouldn't know the operating end of a Steer if it was aimed right at him.

But, really, how about YOU? Why in the world would YOU want to come HERE? Intense boredom, prolly, and work avoidance. Oh, yeah, and to get the lowdown and skinny on, well, everything. This here's your primer. Take notes. No, ain't no test. But Lawyers should take notes. And wash their hands. And say please and thank you, and . . . you're right, I've gone too far. And, for the record, I pick on virtually everyone and everything. But, I'm fair. . .I pick on me and Legal Recruiters just as much as I pick on y'all.

So, let me introduce myself to the six or seven of you who don't know me. I'm James, (Hi, James), and I'm a sex addict, NO, Legal Recruiter. Somehow, Option A seems less, uh, how you say??? Objectionable. But, well, there you are. I'll be writing most of the blog entries. Doesn't mean I'll agree with them (that's for my partners), just that I'll be writing them. I suspect this is some type of punishment. I suspect they think I deserve it. I suspect they're right.

So, why a blog from a legal recruiter? Are you KIDDING? It's time. Attorneys talk about "ya ya ya ya" this, and "ya ya ya ya that," but those are entirely different conversations than the ones they have with us, and we try to help our clients by telling them not only what Lawyers tell us, but what we find out from our compatriots (SO not the right word, but you know what I'm going for, right?) in the industry, as well as clients in general.

And what a Candidate thinks about something is likely to be VERY different from what an attorney in practice with a particular firm thinks. And, while I like analysts (they're so CUTE, with their little graphs and charts and pocket protectors and so forth), I've never found their information to be particularly helpful OR relevant. Especially when they guess on employment figures.

You tell me. . .what do I know. . .but we've all read the same articles, same journals, same blogs, same information all over the place (I swear, the blawgspace is the most repetitive space in all of webdom). For years. So, let's just check, shall we? The next time you need a total clock killer, research opinions on Legal Employment, what it will do and not do, for any year you care to, although this past year was a total ride! Wow! How fun was '07, huh? I felt like a cartoon character, like someone had tied a rocket to my tail (I'm not saying I HAVE a tail, I'm just saying), and fired it off.

Another reason for this blog is, well, "general karmic balance." Or something. And, really, to give a different voice, wait, strike that, an additional voice. That's sort of why we built mmlr from the ground up. By the way, this is probably the LAST ad you'll see me run (well, there will be the obligatory "suck up" post, coming soon).

But, you know, not a lot of cheerleading. No "mission statements." No "value propositions." No "blahdeo blah blah principles this and that." (Committing words to a page does little to commit hearts and minds). Very little sucking up. You either like us or you don't, but if you're dumb enough to think that our opinions have anything to do with our competence, then you deserve what you get. End of advertisement. Oh, yeah. And Lawyers, really really good lawyers, love us. Well, not me. Actually, yeah. Me. (I'm VERY cute, and almost never spill food on myself. Okay, that's a flat lie. I always spill food on myself. But I'm getting better).

So what we'll do is talk about current events, for the most part. What's going on. Rumours and gossip. But we'll tag them as such. When we think something is good, we'll say so. When we think it's bad, we'll say so. And we don't care if we have a relationship with the lawyer, the client, or anybody else. Besides, if we pulled punches, technically, it would sort of defeat the whole point of confidentiality, right, and be totally obvious. Yeah, that's what we thought, too. We like you. We like the way you think.

By the way, the New Years' post is, ummm. . . well, it's certainly something, we can say that for sure. We'll talk to you later. Keep in touch.

mmlr! (cue the theme music, please!)


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